Tea with Zayde

by Barney Saltzberg

Book, 2014



Call number

E 500 SAL



New York, NY Roaring Brook Press, 2014


No matter how far apart they are, a little girl and her grandfather share a cup of tea every day at half past three.

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LibraryThing member crieder95
Tea With Grandpa is a children's book that has fully adapted qualities of the new age. The little girls talks about having tea with Grandpa and what they do together. She talks about getting them tea, singing, and telling stories. When her grandfather asks her for a muffin she claims it is too far
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away, but doesn't explain why. At the end when they say goodbye the books show her grandpa was really on video camera on the computer to have tea with her.
This book relates to children, especially in this generation, because many students use technology to communicate with many family members and friends. Beyond the cute message this story contains about family and relationships I believe this is a good books for students to observe context clues. In the book the girl and her grandfather are never shown on the same page or with the same pet and this hints to a separation. Also, when the girl says the muffin is too far away this is hinting to the face that they aren't physically in the same place.
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LibraryThing member amartino1208
Tea with Grandpa opens up with a young girl preparing to have tea with her grandfather. Throughout the pages, the readers a led to believe that they are in the same room drinking tea, but in the end the characters are having tea through a webcam. This story goes to show the readers that spending
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time with family and friends does not need to occur in the same room. Even a long distance relationship can provide people with a satisfaction of spending time with the ones we love. Overall I learned a lesson from this book: use the advancement of technology to our advantage by keeping in touch with loved ones that we are not able to see everyday.
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LibraryThing member pataustin
If you want to teach surprise endings, choose this book. It ranks right on up there with Agee's Halloween House for kicker endings. "Every day at half past three... Me and Grandpa. Time for tea." I don't suspect that many readers will pick up on the fact that this oh so simple text accompanied by
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wonderfully simple watercolor cartoonlike illustrations never show the pair together. At the end, you find out why.
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LibraryThing member hart0521
This story is about a little girl who has tea time with her grandfather everyday. The really cool part about this is that they have tea together by way of video chat. This would be a great book to read to younger students. A teacher could explain to her to students how in some cultures "tea time"
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is very important. It would also be a good read if a student was upset about someone they loved moving far away.
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LibraryThing member TaraKennedy
This was an adorable picture book about a little girl's regular tea parties with her Grandpa. There is a sweet little twist at the end where the reader finds out that this happens via computer video chat. It's a cute story with a modern bent that couldpossibly inspire some younger children to
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connect with distant relatives via technology.
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LibraryThing member krausch
I really like this book because it shows a great relationship between a grandfather and his grand daughter. This books shows that no matter where you live, family will always be there for you.
LibraryThing member kitbraddick
Such a great book! Barney Saltzberg shows that relationships between family members can thrive no matter how many miles lie in between. In addition, Saltzberg throws in the element of video chat which is so perfect for kids and people today. We are all able to stay in contact with loved ones
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through technology and it was great to see this not only mentioned, but the star of the book.
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LibraryThing member mcnicol_08
A cute easy read about a young girl enjoying tea time with her grandfather. The story gives the impression that her and her grandfather are in-person, but they are really video chatting. I thought this was cute modern twist on a classic gathering. I enjoyed how the story incorporated this concept
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of video chatting as this is becoming a modern concept in the American home to video chat with loved ones far away. Families can still be together even if they're far apart. I also liked how this was a story between the granddaughter and her father, rather than grandmother or female relative, very cute.
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LibraryThing member kbartholomew1
Don't we just adore our grandparents? The little girl in Tea With Grandpa does. Everyday, the grandpa and his granddaughter have a tea date. They tell stores, sing songs, and tell jokes. The events that occur in this story are seemingly normal, until you get to the end. The grandfather and the
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granddaughter are not in the same room together, not even the same house. The pair are video chatting with each other. Today's technology allows us to interact with people through web cameras. This family is not physically together, but they can still feel like they are in each others presence.
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