by Claire A. Nivola

Book, 1997



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E 736 NIV



New York : Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, c1997.


Forced to flee the Nazis, a young girl and her family eventually end up in the United States where, years later, with a young daughter of her own, she is improbably reunited with the beloved doll she left behind in Germany.

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LibraryThing member CasieBelaire
This story takes place during WWII. It is about a little girl and her most prized possession, a doll named Elisabeth. The little girl and Elisabeth went everywhere together, they did everything together. One day the little girl's dog got a hold of the doll and she brought Elisabeth down stirs so
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her father who was a doctor could bandage the doll up. Everything changed and soon a Nazi soldier would stand by her door making sure only Jewish patients went to see her father. One night, the little girl's parents woke her up and the family had to leave quickly and told her she had to leave everything behind. She left everything, even her most prized possession, Elisabeth. Years later after moving to America, the little girl was now grown up with a family of her own, but she never forgot about her prized Elisabeth. One day the woman's daughter asked for a doll of her own and walking through the town the woman spotted it, a doll that looked just like Elisabeth. Upon closer examination she saw that it was Elisabeth, she could tell by the bit marks on the arm from her dog when she was a child. She bought the doll and gave it to her daughter, when her daughter grew up and had her own family, she then gave it to her daughter. A very cute book about being reunited and passing on a prized possession.
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