The Lily Cupboard

by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

Other authorsRonald Himler (Illustrator)
Book, 1992



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E 736 OPP



[New York] : HarperCollins, c1992.


Miriam, a young Jewish girl, is forced to leave her parents and hide with strangers in the country during the German occupation of Holland.

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LibraryThing member Whisper1
i recommend this small book for those with children or grandchildren who want them to learn about the holocaust.

Told it simple text with beautiful illustrations, this is a story of the beauty of the Dutch resistance and how many lives were saved because of their moral courage and bravery. Miriam
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must leave her father and mother to hide in the country where it is hoped she will be safe.

She is hidden by a woman and man who have a young son, thus their assistance places their own family in danger. Lily is instructed that when someone whistles Frere Jacques, she must run to a hidden paneled wall in the secret cupboard.
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LibraryThing member LaurenAllard
The Lily Cupboard is about a Jewish girl named Marium who is hiding from German soldiers during World War II. Marium had to leaver her parents to go live with a non Jewish family who agreed to hide her from German soldiers in their home.

I thought this was a good book because it is based on true
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events that happened during World War II in Germany. It is wonderful that families were willing to put their lives a risk in order to save Jewish children from the Nazis.

This would be a very good book to share with a class in order to help them understand the events of Nazi Germany. It is from a child's point of view, so other children would be able to easily understand what is going on. There is also a good lesson in this story about protecting the people you love.
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LibraryThing member Zachor
Miriam, a young Jewish girl, is forced to leave her parents and hide with strangers in the country during the German occupation of Holland.
LibraryThing member aclemen1
During World War II, a young jewish girl names Miriam is sent to stay with part of her farm family. As a jewish girl, they were forced to have to hid her in a cupboard when the Nazis come looking. This was a difficult time for her family because they found her and took her away to the concentration
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LibraryThing member engpunk77
This story does touch on the concept of being in hiding, as the protagonist is a Jewish "hidden child", separated from her family to live with gentiles for safety. It never does tell you what happens to her parents or if they ever reunite, and the symbolism is a bit confused.

The child refuses to go
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into the lily cupboard to hide without her rabbit, who she insists must stay with her. She compares her heroic act, almost completely foiling the plan for the sake of the rabbit, to her parents' heroic act of keeping HER safe with this family. But, her parents DIDN'T keep her with them, so the symbolism is all skewed.

The actual act of being hidden in the cupboard with the Nazis visiting the family was so brief and under-characterized that I ended up reading this story without emotion.

I don't really recommend this for a holocaust study, unless the audience is like 6 years old.
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1992 (copyright)


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