The Hiding Game

by Gwen Strauss

Other authorsHerb Leonhard (Illustrator.)
Book, 2017



Call number

E 736 STR



Gretna, Louisiana : Pelican Publishing Company, 2017


The true story of a young Holocaust survivor. At their new home in the Villa Air-Bel, Aube and her family are used to things being hidden. Among the secrets kept at the château are a radio, a cow, and--most secret of all--Aube herself. Even with the threat of Nazi capture looming over their heads, life at the villa has been colorful for the refugees awaiting their escape to safety. Joined by writers, musicians, artists, and great thinkers like Marc Chagall and Max Ernst, Aube spends each day singing, playing games, and creating art. Together, this lively congregation are able to fight back fear and hatred with bravery and laughter--not just for young Aube, but for themselves as well.


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