Snow in Jerusalem

by Deborah Da Costa

Book, 2001



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E 820 DEC




Morton Grove, Ill. : A. Whitman, 2001.


Although they live in different quarters of Jerusalem, a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy are surprised to discover they have been caring for the same stray cat.

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LibraryThing member Mluke04
This is a good example of plot. The story begins with the cat visiting the Jewish boy and being fed. Then the cat goes to the Muslim boy and gets fed. Both boys call after the cat saying they will follow it next time. This is foreshadowing; the reader knows that the boys will meet each other. When
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the cat doesn't show up for a while both boys worry. The cat comes to the Jewish boy first and he follows the cat to the Muslim boy. They argue about whose cat it is. This is rising conflict. The conflict is escalated when the cat leaves again. The conflict is resolved when the boys discover the cat's four kittens and they each take home two kittens.
This is an example of realistic fiction because this story could happen. There could be a cat that wanders throughout Jerusalem and two boys that feed it. The people in Jerusalem are free to travel in the different Quarters like the boys in the story did.
Media: Watercolor
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LibraryThing member sharmon05
This book is a story that could happen is relatable to readers. These qualities make this book a good example of a realistic fiction. The illustrations in this book are very well crafted. They are large and take up most of the page. They help tell the story and keep readers engaged.
LibraryThing member kidlit9
Although they live in different quarters of Jerusalem, a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy are surprised to discover they have been caring for the same stray cat.
LibraryThing member GoodGeniusLibrary
This children's picture book uses a white cat to bring together a muslim and a jewish boy in the culturally divided city of Jerusalem. The pictures are wonderful, showing the city and cultures in soft but detailed watercolors. The story is, however, extremely predictable--both in the story and the
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message. I would call the story "sappy" and in a way "preachy" in that you expect the two boys to not like each other but then you expect them to work together--it gags on "love, joy, peace" in a real-world situation that is so immensely complicated: "Yes, wouldn't it be great if we could all just work it out." True, but so oversimplified. I would give the story a 1 or 2 star rating. The pictures deserve a 5 star rating. Get the book just for the pictures.
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LibraryThing member STBA
During a rare day of snow in Jerusalem, a Jewish boy and an Arab boy who live in the Old City experience a rare moment of friendship when they put aside their differences to help a stray cat. Ethereal watercolor and pencil drawings portray the earthly and heavenly Jerusalem.
LibraryThing member ehayne1
I enjoyed this book because it showed that even those in completely opposite cultures can work together. In this book, two boys, one Muslim and one Jewish, take care of a cat without realizing that the other one is taking care of the cat. After the cat disappears, the boys eventually find each
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other and discover that the cat has kittens. The boys decide to stop fighting over ownership of the cat and work together to provide for it. This book shows readers that it is okay to befriend people with different beliefs and that it is important to be able to work together.
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This book taught me a lot about the division that exists in Jerusalem. The division of the city into isolated quarters really drove the plot of this story. The cat, that traveled freely between the different quarters of the city brought a small sense of unity between two boys from different
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quarters who were unknowingly caring for the same cat. The text and pictures are both exceptional here. I really enjoyed the watercolor illustrations.
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LibraryThing member WendyBrown
This book is about two boys from different cultures meeting and becoming friends, all because of a beautiful white cat. Each boy took care of and fed the cat until one day for several weeks when the cat disappeared. When the cat showed herself to the boys again, they each followed her and
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met each other and became friends.

Personal Reaction:
I love how the author used the love of an animal to bring two boys from two different cultures together. This is a wonderful story of friendship, no matter what a persons background is. I also like how the book gives a little lesson on the different areas of Jerusalem and how Jerusalem is divided culturally.

Classroom Extension:
1. I would use the story of this book to show that no matter how different people are, we are all the same and must be treated as such.
2. I would also use this book to try and show my students how to stand against racism just because someone does not believe the same as someone else.
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