Count Your Way through Israel

by James Haskins

Other authorsRick Hanson
Book, 1990



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E 820 HAS



Minneapolis : First Avenue Editions, 1990


Uses the numbers one to ten (presented in both Arabic and Hebrew) to introduce the land and people of Israel.

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This book helps to learn the numbers from one to ten in Hebrew. On each page there is a story or relevant fact about Israel that is connected to one of the numbers. These themes are also shown with images, water-paintings. The list includes 1-the land of Israel, 2-David and Goliath, 3-religions
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(Judaism, Islam, Christianity), 4-questions asked at Pesach, 5-agricultural products of Israel for export (citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts, cotton, flowers, 6-six-pointed Star of David, 7-branches of the menorah, 8-animals that got reintroduced to the desert in modern Israel (Judean Desert leopard, ibex, Mesopotamian fallow deer, striped hyena, hyrax, Asiatic wild ass, white oryx, ostrich), 9-Israeli export products (polished diamonds, military equipment, x-ray machines, clothing, leather goods, computers, chemicals, solar-energy technology, irrigation system), and 10- lost tribes.

I was surprised that the "One" did not refer to G-d. Also the focus on the export goods was a bit forced. Finally I think for the target audience (young children) it would have been beneficial if the Hebrew words/numbers were pointed, including the vowels. Despite these observations the book and its drawing was fun enough.
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