Hanukkah Hamster

by Michelle Markel

Other authorsAndre Ceolin (Illustrator)
Book, 2018



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E 247 MAR


Sleeping Bear Press (2018), 32 pages


The holiday season is a busy time, with people bustling about. And it's a busy time for Edgar, a cabdriver who conveys passengers around the city. All day long Edgar drives his cab; many people going to many different places. At the end of one busy day, Edgar is so tired he climbs into the backseat of his cab to take a nap. But he discovers he is not alone. A little hamster has somehow been left behind from one of the many fares Edgar has driven. Edgar dutifully reports the hamster to the cab company's Lost and Found department, but in the meantime the little creature needs to be taken care of. Edgar brings the hamster to his apartment, making it a bed, feeding it, and even giving it a name, Chickpea. As Edgar starts his Hanukah observance, with no family nearby to share in it, the little hamster becomes more than a casual companion to the lonely man. But what happens when Chickpea's owner is found?… (more)

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
After a long day of driving people around, Edgar the cabbie takes a nap in the back seat of his car, only to discover that someone has left a hamster behind. Reporting the matter to his cab company's lost and found, he takes the little animal home with him and cares for it. As the nights of
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Hanukkah pass, the solitary Edgar, far from his family in Israel, becomes more and more attached to his new companion, whom he names Chickpea. What will he do when the hamster's owners are found...?

A sweet holiday picture-book, one which pairs an engaging, heartwarming story with colorful, appealing artwork, Hanukkah Hamster emphasizes the comfort that our animal friends can bring us, when we're feeling lonely or down. I'd never actually considered the charms of the hamster before, but Brazilian illustrator André Ceolin certainly makes Chickpea look cute as a button in his illustrations, while American author Michelle Markel spins a poignant tale around Edgar and his cricetine friend. Recommended to those looking for picture-books set during Hanukkah and/or featuring hamsters.
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LibraryThing member deslivres5
This one is a really sweet holiday story about a NYC cab driver originally from Tel Aviv who finds a lost hamster in the back of his cab and fosters him during Hanukkah. Lovely, warm illustrations.


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