Nicanor's Gate

by Eric A. Kimmel

Other authorsAlida Massari (Illustrator)
Book, 2020



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E 500 KIM



Kar-Ben Publishing ® (2020), 24 pages


Set in biblical times, the story of Nicanor's Gate--one of the entrances to the Temple in Jerusalem--shows how a man's faith is important to living a happy, fulfilled life. Nicanor, a wealthy merchant from Alexandria, is thrilled when King Herod calls on him to assist in rebuilding the ruined Temple in Jerusalem. Nicanor orders massive, beautifully intricate doors to be built, especially for the Eastern Gate of the Temple, but disaster strikes while the gates are being shipped from Alexandria to Jerusalem. To escape sinking, the ship must reduce its load, and one of the doors is pushed into the sea. But a miracle happens: the heavy door surfaces, is recovered from the sea, and installed as an entrance to the Temple area.


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24 p.; 9.8 inches


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