Magic Pickle: A Graphic Novel

by Scott Morse

Other authorsScott Morse (Illustrator)
Book, 2008



Call number

E 501 MOR



Graphix (2008), Edition: Reprint, 112 pages


Meet the world's greenest, bumpiest, briniest superhero, the Magic Pickle. With his feisty sidekick Jo Jo Wigman, the Magic Pickle faces his worst nightmare, the Brotherhood of Evil Produce. Will he save the world from those foul fiends, or will the world be conquered by vegetables gone wild?

User reviews

LibraryThing member amandaonfire252
This graphic novel is a comic about a pre-teen girl who has a secret. Her secret is that she has a magic pickle under her bedroom floorboard that talks and goes on adventures wiith her through the series.

This graphic novel was a bit interesting to say the least. I questioned the character's age and
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I wasn't too sure that a magic pickle was really a good character to build upon. This was my least favorite book.

I would use this in the classroom purely for entertainment of those students who use comics to learn or just enjoy a funny storyline.
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LibraryThing member korneder
this was my first full graphic novel, and I can't say I really enjoyed it. I was never a comic book reader, outside of Calvin and Hobbs, growing up and this book did nothing to switch me over to a believer of graphic novels
LibraryThing member jllwlsh
I truly enjoyed reading this story. The format is interactive visually, and gives children a sense of "coolness" when reading. It's almost as if they have stumbled upon this hip new ullustrative method of story telling that uses a child's sense of humor to get the point across. The best part is
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that the graphic novel is classic, and this trick has been being pulled on children for generations. In the Magic Pickle, we find a light hearted comedy, that is just fun, and shows children the wonders of reading for pure entertainment.
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LibraryThing member bananajames29
This is a funny graphic novel that tells the story of a magic pickle that has super powers. It is this pickle's mission to defeat the rotten vegetables that might wreak havoc on civilzation.
LibraryThing member knielsen83
Hilarious graphic novel about a pickle who is an undercover agent who needs to stop other bad vegetables from dastardly deeds.
LibraryThing member alexa.kirk
This was a funny story filled with lots of action. Children will enjoy this story because it has a bit of reality with Jo Jo and her real life school setting but is fun and exciting with the addition of mutated vegetable super hero and villains.
LibraryThing member klordy66
Appropriate for grades 1 through 6 because it is a fun comic adventure with vivid full-color graphics that children will love. The story is about the superhero Magic Pickle, also known as Weapon Kosher, who is free after being held for 50 years in suspended animation. He was created by Dr.
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Formaldehyde as a top-secret US Army vegetable soldier. Weapon Kosher teams up with a kid named Jojo Wigman, who wants him to help her fight off bullies at school. Instead Weapon Kosher is too busy saving the world from evil mutant superveggies. Addresses bullying in schools, friendship, adventure, and standing up for what is right. In younger classrooms, use for read aloud and drawing comic-like pictures. In higher grades, have students read independently and create their own graphic novels or a class graphic novel.
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LibraryThing member kdirks1
I was rather surprised by this book. I am not fond of comics, but the art was quite enticing here. I really liked the silliness of vegetables fighting. The bonus story even had some Spanish in it which is cool for kids to pick up on.
LibraryThing member NancyDW
I have a difficult time with this format overall. I liked that Weapon Kosher ended up helping Jo Jo with her bully problem while trying to complete his own mission but it wasn't until the end of the book that I understood the theme. It felt like a lot of back and forth for a long time but I think
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maybe this is the format.
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LibraryThing member kvail
This is the first book in the graphic novel Magic Pickle series. Weapon Kosher, the pickle, is brought out of a deep slumber in order to protect the world from the evil vegetables that have returned. Apparently, Dr. Formaldehyde dropped his lunch into his machine many years ago which created
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destructive vegetables. Weapon Kosher was saved for when the vegetables returned to cause havoc. The pickle is brought back out of his slumber in order to save the world with the help of JoJo, a girl he meets from the house in which he has been stored in. JoJo has her own problems at school with a girl who thinks she is all that. All JoJo wants to do is be a part of Weapon Kosher's adventure in finding the evil lettuce head. Weapon Kosher refuses to let her participate. She ends up going to school and finding the lettuce in her lunch bag and starts a food fight with it in direction toward her arch enemy, LuLu. The head of lettuce is able to be captured, the kids at school think JoJo is cool, and Weapon Kosher ends up winning the battle and protecting against the evil vegetables. In the end, JoJo is convinced that she is going to be Weapon Kosher's sidekick and names herself Sweet Tomato.
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LibraryThing member Talwold
A funny story about a pickle and JoJo Wigwam who team up to fight the evil veggies. The veggies progression to becoming evil, a scientific experiment is pretty funny.
LibraryThing member kami.hodgins
Plot: A magic military pickle (aka Weapon Kosher) who has been in cryogenic slumber is reawakened in order to stop an evil gang of produce. He is aided in his endeavors by his adorable sidekick, JoJo Wigman.

My reaction: This book is very entertaining with clever wordplay and unique graphics. The
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sense of humour really plays to an audience of 8-12 year olds.

Recommended Age Level: 8 - 12 year olds

Series Information: The are currently two other Magic Pickle books on the market.
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