Now (Once Series, 3)

by Morris Gleitzman

Book, 2013



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Square Fish (2013), Edition: First, 192 pages


Felix is a grandfather. He has achieved much in his life and is widely admired in the community. He has mostly buried the painful memories of his childhood, but they resurface when his granddaughter Zelda comes to stay with him. Together they face a cataclysmic event armed only with their gusto and love, an event that helps them achieve salvation from the past, but also brings the possibility of destruction.

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LibraryThing member STBA
Felix is now a retired doctor and grandfather in the final book of this award-winning trilogy (Once, and Then, Honor Books in 2011 and 2012, respectively). The free verse is narrated by his granddaughter, Zelda, who deals with the absence of working parents, bullying, and raging fires in Australia.
LibraryThing member MrsSewell
While I was more involved with the first two novels I think Gleitzman has done well to relate the past to the present in this novel. The destruction of the Victorian bushfires in 2009 was a relevant context in which to explore the conclusion of the story of Felix and Zelda. I am glad to have
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finally read it and definitely recommend it to others who have read Once and Then.
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LibraryThing member anikaspiller
I would recommend this book to the upper primary or adults. I absolutely fell in love with this so much yet it was very breath taking and upsetting.
LibraryThing member Suthen
The third book of the trilogy is based on the present day of Felix and his granddaughter Zelda. This book is about Felix an 80 year old man taking care of his 11 year old granddaughter named Zelda in Australia. Zelda name came from Felix's friend who died by the Nazi's. She wants to be like Zelda
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but she gets bullied by people in school who don't believe that Zelda's grandfather is the best doctor.

This story is basically about Zelda being bullied because people in her school don't believe that her grandfather is the best doctor. One day a dangerous bushfire occurred......
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LibraryThing member cbl_tn
The third book in Felix’s story finds Felix a retired doctor in Australia providing a home for his 11-year-old granddaughter. Zelda is named for Felix’s childhood friend who was his companion in hiding from the Nazis. Granddaughter Zelda is being bullied by older girls at her new school, but
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she is reluctant to confide in her grandfather. When disaster strikes, their shared danger and their love for each other bring grandfather and granddaughter even closer together.

Readers learn that Felix still has a caring nature, which he expressed through a successful career as a pediatric surgeon. He saved the lives of hundreds of children during his career. I just wish readers were told more about how Felix got from German-occupied Poland to caring for a grandchild. Who did he marry? How did he meet her? What kind of relationship does he have with his child? Originally this book was to have concluded a trilogy, but it seems that Felix had more to say and Gleitzman has obliged him.
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LibraryThing member HeatherLINC
This book was a big disappointment after 'Once' and 'Then'. Whilst the naive, innocent voice of ten year old Felix was beautiful, I found the similar voice of Zelda, 60 years later, absolutely irritating. Having been a primary school teacher for over 20 years, I thought her voice was an insult to
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all Grade 6 girls who are far more savvy and sophisticated than the girl portrayed in this book. Zelda sounds much, much younger especially concerning the relationship she has with her dog, Jumble. For example: 'I give Jumble another big hug. "Thanks," I say. He's the best sister I've ever had.' ((p. 78). Please, Mr Gleitzman get real!
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LibraryThing member skstiles612
This was a unique turn in the book series. In this book Felix is an old man with a granddaughter named Zelda. She is named after the young girl Felix tried to save and who was brutal murdered by the Nazis. In this book Felix lives in Australia. His granddaughter loves her grandfather but questions
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some of the things he does. She doesn’t understand that a part of him is still living in and dealing with a traumatic past. Like her grandfather’s past, Zelda has a bully problem. His pasts experiences and memories help them both. When a brush fire breaks out a lot is lost, while a lot is gained. I found two interesting things about this fire. One was that it was based on an actual fire that occurred in 2009 and the second was that at the time of this post Australia is going through another traumatic brush fire. This is the third book in this series. At one point the author had planned to make this the end of a trilogy. As we all know, when our characters are not finished telling their story they must be heard. Because of that, there are three more books in this series. Once again I will say that this is a must read series
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