The Jewish Spirit: A Celebration in Stories & Art

by Ellen Frankel

Book, 1997



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670 FRA


Harry N. Abrams (1997), 240 pages


An illustrated anthology of Jewish stories.

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Among the stories illustrated with artwork, is "Reb Eisik'sTreasure" by Jiri Langer, translated by Stephen Jolly, in which Reb Simche Binem tells a story about Reb Eisik Yekls of Cracow, a poor scholar, who, after dreaming three times about a treasure under the (only) bridge in Prague travels there
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and, when he explains to the guard commander why he is there, the commander derisively says that if he believed in dreams he'd dig near the fireplace of Reb Eisik Yelks in Cracow. Reb Eisik uses some of the money to build a synagogue called "Reb Eisik Yekls-Shil." The story ends with this quote:
But Reb Simche Binem, who used to relate the story to every novice who came to study with him, would always add:
"So you see, my boy, there is something of inestimable value which you will always be seeking as in a dream, and which you will probably never find in the whole wide world. Very likely you will not even find it here with me, and yet there is one place where you could find it . . . ."
Jiri Langer's Nine Gates is listed as the source of the story; further research on the author is rewarding.
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