The Rookie Bookie

by L. Jon Wertheim

Other authorsTobias J. Moskowitz (Author)
Book, 2015



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YA 696 WER



Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2015), Edition: Illustrated, 272 pages


"When seventh-grader Mitch Sloan moves to Jonasburg, Indiana, he uses his exceptional skills in math, money, and sports statistics to make friends--but gets in over his head when he starts a football betting ring"--

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LibraryThing member pataustin
Mitch Sloan loves money and business. He’s not good at sports like his brother so he doesn’t exactly fit in at school. He prefers fantasy sports where he can deal with “figuring out strategy and how to win” (p. 7). After bombing out on the field and after winning a bet on a football game
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with his friend Jamie, Mitch comes up with a money-making scheme, invites Jamie in on it, and not only earns money but also popularity. He even helps out his financially strapped family. Of course, gambling is illegal in school so they get caught and punished. Now his best friend Jamie isn’t speaking to him any more. In finding new ways to help his family, Mitch earns respect and trust and ultimately, he wins back his friend. A fast-moving and engaging story, the novel contains enough math and financial concepts to warrant reading it in a math class.
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272 p.; 7.55 inches


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