Brett Feinstein's Library of Magic and Mentalism

Welcome to the library's on-line catalog of books, periodicals, DVDs and videos.

NOTICE: The library is currently closed to in-person visits during the current cataloging and reorganization project. I am working as fast as I can, but to make sure nothing is missed, the library will remain closed to in-person visits until the project is complete.

The most recent updates and additions to the catalog were made on 1/22/21. 2,636 titles have been cataloged so far. There are about 1,400 more items to post.

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Notes about the library and the catalog

The most recent entries to the catalog are, generally speaking, the books depicted in the animation directly above. These are not necessarily my most recent acquisitions. I have thousands of items that I still need to add to this catalog. Also, due to a quirk in how items enter the catalog, some new entries do not show in the animation above.

In addition to the items in the catalog, I subscribe to a number of periodicals and services, including Reel Magic, MagicSeen, The Disclaimer, Ask Alexander (Gold Level), M-U-M, The Linking Ring, Genii, Vanish, and Gibecière.

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To get more detail about a title, click the image of the volume you are interested in. If you want even more information after that, click the "LibraryThing" link at the bottom of each item's individual page to go to the detail page I have put on LibraryThing.

To view a title in person, please make an appointment to visit the library. Materials are never loaned and must be viewed in the library.

Research requests from those unable to visit in person are handled if time is available.
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