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Welcome to our library catalog.
Our collection contains about one hundred books and a few dozen electronic titles.
Scroll down for search tips, library location and contact information.

Search Tips

  • Find all our electronic resources by doing each of the following searches:
    - Find PDFs by entering pdf in the search bar.
    - Find Ebooks by entering ebook in the search bar.
    - Find Databases by entering database in the search bar.
  • Limit your search results with an Advanced Search
    Click the down arrow at the end of the search bar / click Advanced Search. Next screen select one or more of the drop-down menu options to limit your search by title, author, subject, publication date, etc.
  • Browse a complete list of our titles
    Tap the search bar Down Arrow, tap Advanced Search. Next screen, under Limit by, in the Collection drop-down menu, select Your library, tap Search.
  • Sort search results by title, author or by publication date
    On any search results page look for the TinyCat icon in the top right corner. Directly under this icon is a small drop-down menu. Tap relevancy in the drop-down menu to change the sort function to title, author or date.
Library Location

Virginia Department of Forestry, Fontaine Research Park, 900 Natural Resources Drive, in Charlottesville.  Our books are in Room 1130 in a locked metal cabinet. The key is in a magnetic holder on the left side of the cabinet. Please return key to where you found it and be sure you lock the bookcase before leaving.

Email and you’ll have a response within 24 hours.

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