The Buffalo Jump

by Peter Roop

Hardcover, 1996





Cooper Square Publishing Llc (1996), Edition: 2nd Printing, 28 pages


Angry and resentful that the honor of leading the buffalo stampede is given to his older brother, Little Blaze, the Blackfeet's fastest runner, must make a difficult decision when his brother's life is endangered.

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LibraryThing member EstherGalarza
This is a good book for 4 grade boys to read. It is well Ilustrated and shows how Ilustrations can add to a story.
LibraryThing member JoseDelAguila
Little Blaze longs to lead the herd in the buffalo jump, his tribe's main source for food and clothing. A jump was also a chance for the ahwa waki, the buffalo runner, to earn a new name. But his father has chosen his brother, Curly Bear, instead, and Little Blaze is angry. When Curly Bear stumbles while leading the herd, will Little Blaze be able to forget his hurt feelings and save his brother? Full color.… (more)
LibraryThing member kmsmith13
This is a great book to use during a Native American unit. It teaches students about buffalo jumping, a tradition in Native American cultures where they send buffalos over a cliff to catch them.
LibraryThing member lmaddux
needs background information, read author notes, do lesson on illustrations
LibraryThing member rdg301library
Grade Level: Primary
Genre: Historical Fiction
Summary: Little Blaze’s older brother, Curly Bear is chosen to lead the buffalo in a hunt that lures them to run off a cliff to their death. Little Blaze is angry that he was not chosen to the lead the buffalo because he is much faster than his brother. Little Blaze must overcome this anger and be very courageous when the hunt goes wrong and his brother’s life is in danger.
Evaluation: This book will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It helps readers understand Native American culture and the importance of the buffalo. Through the actions in this story it is very clear that the buffalo were very important to their survival, and this story helps explain one of the ways Indians hunted food to stay alive. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and capture a great amount of detail.
… (more)


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28 p.; 9 x 0.25 inches


0873586166 / 9780873586160


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