Big Brother Dustin

by Alden R. Carter

Other authorsDan Young (Illustrator), Carol S. Carter (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1997





Albert Whitman & Co (1997)


A boy with Down Syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her.

User reviews

LibraryThing member tsmith44
I really liked this book for a couple of reasons. First it shows a child with Down syndrome getting ready for the birth of his baby sister. They do not show Dustin unable to understand or confused, just because of his disability. It shows Dustin learning how to be a big brother, helping his parents find names, and going through all of the same things that all children deal with when learning of a new family member. For example, “ A nurse taught the children how to diaper their favorite dolls and stuffed animals.” This is when Dustin was in his big brother class. He was learning how to do everything along side with all of the other children. Another point this book really focused on was Dustin wanting to name his sister. All he could think of was his sister’s name. He ended up with a beautiful name for his sister, MaryAnn. I also really liked the pictures in this book. They were real photographs of the family. It really showed how excited they were for the baby. The main message of this book was that even though you may have a disability, learning to be a big brother is the same for everyone.… (more)
LibraryThing member jaimie919
Dustin has Down syndrome but that doesn't stop him from being the best big brother! His baby sister is coming soon and he needs to help get everything ready! His dad teaches him how to put the crib together. He helps his mom with the baby clothes. He is just so excited to meet his sister, but she doesn't have a name yet. What will it be? This is book to show before a discussion on disabilities.… (more)
LibraryThing member NikkiDahlen
I thought Big Brother Dustin was a pretty good book. I liked the book because of the photographs and the dialogue. I liked the photographs because they made the story much more relatable and easy to connect to. By using real photographs, the reader is able to picture the family and see the actual emotions and actions that they go through. My favorite photograph is of Dustin seeing his sister for the first time. You can really see how much he loves and cares for her. I also loved the dialogue. I did because the text was primarily dialogue between the parents and Dustin. I think this makes the story more realistic and easy to visualize. My favorite part of dialogue is when Dustin says to his sister, "Hi MaryAnn. I'm your big brother." The main message I took from this story is that new additions to the family are an incredible thing and families need to work together to welcome those new additions.… (more)
LibraryThing member mooste2
This book was unique compared to other book that I have read so far. It is a true story about a little boy named Dustin who is waiting the arrival of his little sister. The story is based off of the true story and shows actual pictures of Dustin preparing for his baby sister to come. I enjoy looking at these pictures because they are real life and clear. They give an accurate description of how some families prepare for a new baby to arrive. The pictures are clear and go along with the text on each page. I also liked the order in which the book went in. The book went in the order of which people usually prepare for a baby. The book also showed the baby at the bend of the book and Dustin holding the baby.… (more)
LibraryThing member bokeef2
Big Brother Dustin
Bryan O'Keeffe

This book was really great. There were a lot of good things about the book. The best thing was the author wrote the story in the point of view of Dustin who was a little boy with Down Syndrome. Not once was he portrayed as negative and in fact seemed to be a really cute boy.The illustrations of this book weren't really illustrations at all. In fact they were photographs that had be altered on a computer. I found that out by reading the back of the book. I think this style is unique in its own and makes this book that much different and better from other books. In fact I think it legitimizes the story a lot. I also found out that this story was actually real. Dustin and his family are real people. I loved the plot of the story and how Dustin kind of becomes the hero of the story. His mother is pregnant and they can not come up with a name for the baby. So Dustin is given the big task of naming the baby. This book is entirely positive which is why I recommend it to anyone. The message is really great as well, anyone can be a hero.… (more)
LibraryThing member ElizabethHaaser
“Big Brother Dustin” touches on the topic of Down Syndrome without drawing too much attention to it, which makes this a wonderful book for children to read. I love that the pictures included are real photographs of Dustin and his family. This makes the narrative very real, because the reader can see the actual family as they prepare for the new baby. It is also helpful to see what Dustin, who has Down Syndrome, really looks like, rather than an illustration. This book also pushes children to consider what Down Syndrome looks like within a family. Since the text was mainly focused on Dustin becoming a big brother, and not on the fact that he has Down Syndrome, the reader can see that having a disability does not have to be the defining characteristic of a person, and that they do not have to be treated any differently by their family. A big brother with Down Syndrome can still play with and care for his new baby sister.… (more)
LibraryThing member MattM50
This book is amazing. What makes this book so amazing is that it is just like any other book one would find to introduce a child to a new sibling. People may look at the cover and say, "This book was meant for children with down syndrome" but this is not the case. Throughout the book, not once does it mention the older sibling having any type of down syndrome or autism despite the pictures showing clearly that the young boy has this. The book merely goes through all the things that parents and siblings might have to do to prepare for the child. What makes this so amazing is that it treats the young boy as any other sibling about to have a new baby in the family. This is a book that could be read to any young child about to have a new sibling. One thing I loved about this book is that there are no illustrations. Instead there are actual pictures (taken with a camera) of a family going through the act of preparing for a baby. This helps both the reader and the intended audience follow along with and become emotionally attached to the family and the story. The fact that it has pictures that include a young boy with down syndrome indicates that this book is very inclusive and does not treat those children with down syndrome any differently. The book's main purpose is to teach and explain to young siblings what having a new child in the house means for them as well as the rest of the family, regardless of who you are.… (more)


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