Ray Charles

by Sharon Bell Mathis

Hardcover, 2001





Lee & Low Books (2001), Edition: 1, 40 pages


Illustrated by George Ford In a beautiful new edition of this 1973 multiple award-winning biography, young readers learn the rags-to-riches story of legendary musician Ray Charles's life - from age 7, when he loses his sight completely, to age 40, when he performs to dazzled audiences world-wide and participates in the fight for racial justice. A new introduction by the author sets the context for Charles's journey to stardom, and an afterword updates his life to the present.

User reviews

LibraryThing member TamaraSmith
Great book! Teaches history without it being boring to students. Very inspiring story to read to young kids.
LibraryThing member dhut0042
Ray Charles by Sharon Bell Mathis is a longer picture book appropriate for middle school children that could likely be read to fourth or fifth graders. It details the life of famous musician Ray Charles but often brings up the challenges he faced including his race and his sensory disability. This book is very important for instructing African American children about the civil rights movement and the inspirational story of a blind black man who excelled in his talent during an era of racial struggle, but it is also applicable to all middle school-aged children as it tells a great story.… (more)
LibraryThing member Jordanlaine
A short biography of Ray Charles life in an easy to read book. For grades 1-5 The story can show children that they can learn to deal with and overcome the struggle of disabilities, and poverty if they work hard enough and don't let those things hold them back.
LibraryThing member ashleyschifano
Ray Charles is a blind musician who sings and plays the piano to his jazz style music. It was a long and hard journey to his fame-hood. He turned blind when he was six years old, lost his brother and had to move from his home town to attend a school for the blind. At age 15 he was the only family member still alive. He turned his hardships into his music. By the time he was an adult, Ray Charles was known and loved world wide for his music and personality. Today he is still one of the most influential jazz and blues singer.

I loved this book. It told the story of Ray Charles from his childhood to his very successful adulthood. This book would be a great reference for students during black history month or for a research paper.
… (more)
LibraryThing member emilyann93
Ray Charlies who is a young blind man who becomes blind when he is six years old. He is a musician who plays the piano and also sings. At the age of 15, he was the only family member to still be alive. This book starts from his childhood all the way to his adulthood. To this day, Ray Charles is loved world wide for his music, great personality and passion for his jazz music.… (more)


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