Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding

by Lenore Look

Hardcover, 2006





Atheneum Books for Young Readers (2006), 40 pages


A Chinese American girl describes the festivities of her uncle's Chinese wedding and the customs behind them.

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LibraryThing member juanitaloo
A fascinating book about how a traditional Chinese wedding is celebrated. The book shows several unique traditions, such as the groom bargaining with the bridesmaids before he can see the bride, the bride and groom lighting incense and bowing to photographs of ancestors, the bride serving tea to signify her becoming a member of the family, receiving red envelopes of money, and the bride changing into several different dresses throughout the ceremony. The artist drew the pictures from a young child's perspective - simple, one-dimensional figures - to show how Jenny perceived the events. The mixed media illustrations of oils, pencil, and collage depict a festive atmosphere. The artist decorates the background with patterns and symbols that accompany the ideas and events in the text. A light, fun, informative read.… (more)
LibraryThing member jlowens4
The book, " Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding" is a wonderful book when teaching students about the Chinese culture. The book illustrates for the reader Chinese traditions. It also would show students how families all around the world celebrate the same things.
LibraryThing member cshaw
A Chinese-American girl describes the events at her Uncle's Chinese wedding, including the Chinese customs on which they are based. Another wonderful book with wonderful illustrations of collage, oils and pencil. The illustrations are really intricate, showing many details, aspects of the Chinese customs the author describes through the story. The story is also filled with emotion of the girl who is sad to give up her special place with her uncle now that he is getting married.… (more)
LibraryThing member dg_turner
I love the way this book incorporates Chinese tradition into a fun story. Jenny is feeling sad and leftout as her favorite Uncle gets married. By the end of the book though, she is happy for him and sees why he chooses to marry Stella.
LibraryThing member MarthaL
Jenny has had a fun relationship with her uncle so now that he is getting married she is not so happy. This story details some interesting Chinese wedding traditions such as a bed-jumping ceremony. By the end of the book Aunt Stella is just as much loved and appreciated as her groom, Uncle Peter.
LibraryThing member Bamulholland
This picture book is an adorable peek into a Chinese-American wedding, which combines many elements of both cultures- symbolic gifts are given, special foods eaten, and traditional outfits worn, but flower bouquets are tossed and guests feast on an American-style wedding cake.
LibraryThing member shanda1021
This is a good book. It talks about the many different traditions that Chinese have especially with weddings.

Personal Reaction:
I enjoyed reading this book to see the different traditions that the Chinese have. The little girl also learns to not be selfish about her uncle.

Classroom Extensions:
1. I would read this book to introduce a lesson about different cultures.
2. I would have the students talk about some of their traditions surrounding an event.
… (more)
LibraryThing member nathanmannn
This book follows the wedding of Uncle Peter who has lived a life of accomplishment and luck and the dismay of Jenny to his future wedding. She is afraid of not being his favorite one that he is taking on a wife. We are introduced to a traditional Chinese wedding and all that it entails. The new Aunt Stella gives Jenny a gift and they both welcome each other as family.… (more)
LibraryThing member pacifickle
This picture book is an adorable peek into a Chinese-American wedding, which combines many elements of both cultures- symbolic gifts are given, special foods eaten, and traditional outfits worn, but flower bouquets are tossed and guests feast on an American-style wedding cake. The protagonist, Jenny, who is the groom's only niece, is worried that his relationship with his new wife will leave no room for her, and causes mischief throughout the wedding, but is eventually mollified with a genuinely sweet gesture of Stella, the bride. This is an excellent way to show how cultures can combine to create absolutely beautiful celebrations.… (more)
LibraryThing member kjarthur
This story is great for kids because children can relate to having a favorite family member and as the story progresses, it allows the kids to gain knowledge about the Chinese culture.
LibraryThing member laceyfield
This book is a good source of multicultural children's literature. It talks about the different traditions of Chinese weddings and how the traditions have changed over the years. In the book, Jenny's Uncle Peter is getting married, and he usually gives her much attention but during the wedding he doesn't give her as much attention. She puts aside her problems and describes, in great detail, about the wedding and the traditions before the wedding. This book is culturally neutral because it describes an event.
Personal Reflection;
I believe this is a good way for children to compare the different traditions and decorations to the weddings they have been to. I could tell Jenny was bitter about the wedding and not getting as much attention on herself from her uncle Peter but she put her problems aside.
Classroom Reflection:
1. This is a great book to help show children how traditions are different with other cultures.
2. I think this book would help the students learn how to tell a story in good description.
… (more)
LibraryThing member nbmars
I admit I shed a few tears at the end of this award-winning book! [Yes, I not only cry at weddings, I cry over kids' books about weddings!] Jenny’s favorite uncle, Peter, is getting married, and she feels left out. She describes all the parts of the traditional Chinese wedding as she expresses her sadness over no longer being Uncle Peter’s best buddy. She also indicates what aspects of the ceremony have been modernized from what it would have been like one or two hundred years ago. In the end, her new Aunt Stella wins her over by unexpectedly making her – Jenny - the center of a beautiful part of the ceremony. “Finally,” Jenny says, “everything feels like it should – like a wonderful dream.”

The illustrations by Yumi Heo, rendered in oils, pencil, and collage, are just delightful – they are bright and colorful and whimsical. Many of the pages are framed by a “wallpaper” that captures some of the themes of the text on that page.

I highly recommend this charming story!
… (more)
LibraryThing member KimSiljeg
Cute story! I've been to a Chinese wedding before and that is why this book's title caught my attention. As a future classroom teacher I picture myself introducing my students to a variety of different cultures. This book could be one I used when teaching the students about the cultures and traditions of China.
LibraryThing member Mr_Abner
Great book that shares a lot of Chinese culture. Can be a helpful book for any Chinese students to spark an interest for reading. Also good for all students for understanding diverse cultures.
LibraryThing member ergreenb
This is a touching story about a girl who doesn't want her uncle to get married because then she will not be the only special girl in his life. She tries to sabotage the wedding so she never has to let go of her uncle. It is filled with information about Chinese wedding traditions and some Chinese words. It is very well illustrated and it has a really nice ending about the strength of family.… (more)
LibraryThing member aclemen1
Jenny's favorite uncle, Peter, is getting married, and everyone is happy, except Jenny. While her family runs about getting ready for the traditional Chinese wedding, Jenny is crying on the inside. How is she supposed to still be Uncle Peter's number-one girl, with her new aunt Stella around? She wonders throughout the book whether she can stop the wedding or not.… (more)
LibraryThing member sharon65
This book is about a little girl who has had alot of attention from her uncle. But she feels a little left out when her uncle is planning his weddding with Stella. Jenny is feeling like Stella is taking all that love and attention from her and she is uncertained about the situation. Jenny acts as though she need her uncle to tell her and show her, his love will never change.

Personal Reation
I like this book because it shows how children feels in real life. This book gives an good example of emotions. It also shows how families could change when a love one gets married. It shows how children can feel unloved. It's a great example, to read this book when something such as this occurs.

Classroon Extension
1. I would have children cut and glue pictures of families

2. I would have children bring pictures of their families and explain who they are and tell how they feel about them.
… (more)
LibraryThing member kmunsey
While some little kids might love weddings this girl does not, She is usually the only girls in her uncle's life so she feels jealous that her uncle is getting married. She learns to accept the new member of her family and has fun at the wedding.
LibraryThing member MarieCasillas
Characters: Jenny, Uncle Peter, Stella
Setting: China
Theme: acceptance
Genre: Coming of age
Summary: Jenny is less than happy about her favorite uncle getting married. She fears he will no longer have much time to spend with her. She dislikes the fact that her uncle pays more attention to his soon to be wife instead of her. She explains all the traditions of a Chinese Wedding and how they have changed overtime.
Audience: Children’s
Curriculum: Chinese Wedding traditions
Personal Response: I really learned a lot about Chinese traditional weddings. I also enjoyed the paintings used in the book. The artists used bright colors and really gave the feel of a celebration. Wonderful book! A must read.
… (more)
LibraryThing member lmeza
I loved it because my grandfather was Chinese. It is a very simple and colorful way to learn about traditions and teach them to young kids. Words of praise for Lenore Look!
LibraryThing member MelindaBoland
When Jenny's Uncle Peter gets married she is very afraid of the changes and feels left out. Jenny suffers some consequences for acting poorly because of her feeling, but in the end discovers that good things can come from change. This story touches on modern and traditional Chinese wedding traditions.
LibraryThing member ocosta1
In my opinion, this is a good book. I liked how the author used some real Chinese terms to explain the wedding traditions in the story. For instance, the author wrote "Dui ho" followed by the meaning, which is "best quality". It teaches readers some Chinese phrases. I also liked how the author discusses the differences between past traditions and current modifications. "If this were a hundred years ago...but today..." It was really interesting to learn about the Chinese wedding traditions.

The main character of the story is upset that her family is changing. The story's main idea is that you might not like the change that is happening, but eventually it will all work out.
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LibraryThing member gjchauvin504
This is a great book. This book tuly has great pictures and teaches you a whole lot about China. I would defiantly read this book to my students because I want to teach them about different cultures. I would also recomend this book to anyone that is interested ing the Chinese culture.
LibraryThing member mosbor
Jenny's favorite uncle is getting married and is very busy with wedding business. Jenny begins to feel a little neglected by her uncle and does not understand why he is not paying his usual attention to her. She learns that sharing the people we love with others is a good thing.
LibraryThing member vharsh1
I enjoyed reading this picture book for a few reasons. I loved the fact that the author included different aspects about Chinese culture. This book shared many traditions of Chinese weddings. The traditions shared in the book ranged from two hundred years ago, one hundred years ago and current Chinese traditions. This included the tradition of the nephews and nieces jumping on the new couple’s bed to bring them good luck. I also liked this book because of the descriptive detail within the illustrations. The illustrations by Yumi Heo are vibrant and bold. Her use of watercolors and ink made each illustration stand out. The main idea of this book is that in life there are always changes and we should not be bitter but learn to accept them.… (more)


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