Chicken Sunday

by Patricia Polacco

Paperback, 1998





Puffin Books (1998), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


To thank Miss Eula for her wonderful Sunday chicken dinners, three children sell decorated eggs to buy her a beautiful Easter hat.

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LibraryThing member conuly
It's a common enough story for picture books. Kids band together, learn something new, and accomplish a common, feel-good goal.

And yet, it totally works in this book. It's not heavy handed. It's not overdone. It does have religious aspects (great for Christians, I'd think), but they're not so heavily stated that atheists and agnostics can't get in on it.

I really recommend this one.

I will note that it's a wordy book, and it does deal with some tough concepts, such as Miss Eula's eventual death. Better for the older end of the 4-8 group, I should think.
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LibraryThing member StaceyTate
This is a great book! It was about a young white girl who sort of adopted a grandma who was black, she was raising her teo black grandsons. One day on the way to churchThe kids decided they would work for the shop owner so they could buy it, when they got to the door some other kids had egged his shop and he blamed them. To make him see they werent bad they made him a gift, he forgave them and they bought the hat with some work.

This is on of my favorite children books ever. It was so heart warming

In the classroom I would use this book for a family unit, and I could use it to teach honesty.
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LibraryThing member ht107821
This is one of those heart warming stories that you can read over and over.
This story is about a lady and three younger children who she has in a way taken under her wing. The children love her and decide to do something nice for her. They all know that she has been "eyeing" for some time a beautiful hat inside a hat store. She never seems to buy it for herself but really does love it. The children get an idea to save up money to get her the hat. Well the dont end up buying it but, the hat store owner gives it to them because he knows how long the lady has been wanting it and they suprise her with it for easter.

I just loved this story and I loved the ending where the lady says that every chicken sunday after she passes away she wants the children to pour a bowl of that chicken broth over her grave so she may have a snack when hungry.

This story would be a great class opener story in sharing ideas and different family occasion stories, personal stories and getting the children to share thoughts and ideas with one another to get aquainted.
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LibraryThing member kapeoples
Second or Thirda grade reading level; story could be used as high as 5th grade. This book tells the story of a grandmother who loved her grandchildren immensely. In the story the family gets accused of comminting a crime in which they are innocent. The family struggle throughout the book is clearing their name and proving their innocence. This book stresses, the strong ties of a family, love and trusting in one another.… (more)
LibraryThing member juposton
Love this book. I actually used it for a read aloud. It talks about Easter and also brings in lots of topics to talk about. I used it for a plot lesson. Mr. Kodinski was from Ukraine, so I got to show them that on the map. Also, it talks about giving, friendship, family, has lots of two-tier words, and much more. This has a vast number of possibilities! It has some more advanced concepts depending how deep you want to dig. 2nd-6th grades.… (more)
LibraryThing member amspicer
With Easter just around the corner, Miss Eula has been admiring a hat from from Mr. Kodinski's shop that she believed would be perfect for the occasion. Every Sunday after church she and her grandchildren walk by the shop and look through the window to find this beautiful pink hat. Now more than anything, her grandchildren want to buy her that hat. The only problem is that they dont have enough money to buy it and they find themselves in a pickle when they go to ask the cranky store owner if he needs extra help around the shop. The children use memories from their past to find their own way to make some extra cash. Who would have thought eggs would become so popular...… (more)
LibraryThing member earobinson
. Polacco and two childhood neighbors want to buy a hat for Miss Eula. They visit Mr. Kodinski’s shop to try to ask for work, but are mistaken for the boys who threw eggs at the store. With the help of Polacco’s mother, they paint “Pysanky” eggs and take them to Mr. Kodinski’s store as a peace offering. He decides to let the children sell the eggs in his store and then does not charge them for Miss Eula’s hat.
Patricia Polacco has her own website which is The site lists all of Polacco’s books with a summary.
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LibraryThing member malinacoulter
Three kids spent every Sunday with their “gramma”. They decided one day that they wanted to get her something special for Easter Sunday. In order to get the money for the gift they made some elaborate Easter eggs to sell.

This is a book of family tradition and giving. Every Sunday after church they would all get together and have fried chicken for dinner. The children kept this tradition alive even after the death of their gramma.

In the classroom I would like it if the students and I made our own Easter eggs. The children can also comment on their own family traditions.
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LibraryThing member DBPeeples
This is a book about Miss Eula and three children. They all walk to church together on Sundays. Miss Eula sings solos at often and has a voice like slow thunder and sweet rain. After church Miss Eula and the children would always walk by Mr. Kodinski's hat shop and she would look in the window and sigh. Once they got home, they would almost always have fried chicken for dinner. SInce the children knew Easter was coming up, they wanted to buy Miss Eula a hat. So, they saved their money and worked hard to get her the hat. After all of their hard work and saving, Mr. Kodinski gives them a hat and Miss Eula has a pretty hat for Easter.… (more)
LibraryThing member mdkladke
This book is wonderful. Patricia Polacco is a wonderful author who tells such real life stories. I love the fact that they worked so hard to buy the hat for Miss Eula, she also has beautiful illustrations. You can find out so much about the story from the pictures. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read. Patricia Polacco can touch the heart of all people, young and old!… (more)
LibraryThing member mrsarey
The story of creating special Easter eggs and buying an Easter hat.
LibraryThing member victoriawatson
This is a story about three friends who work very hard to get their grandmother an Easter hat. Along the way they manage to make an old man happy and restore their names.

Great friendship book!
LibraryThing member fnborries
This is a wonderful book to read to your class to give them ideas what friendship is all about. The friends want to buy their grandmother a hat for easter and try to find a way to make money. They make friends with the an older man who owns a store and he helps them by letting them sale decorated eggs.
LibraryThing member cegordon
The book is under the language arts standards for 6th grade, which talks about picking literature that relates to different cultures. The book is about friends who are trying to raise money for a woman. They work together and help each other with their cultures.
LibraryThing member hebeaton
This book is about a little girl who gains a "second family" in a Southern African American family. She goes to church with them and eats fried chicken Sunday dinners with them. She and her "brothers" decide they want to get their grandmother a hat that she wants for Easter but cannot buy for herself. The book tells the story of how they work to get money to buy the Easter bonnet. This book has a great moral lesson that would be good for older kids as well as entertaining for younger children.… (more)
LibraryThing member dianaking
This book is about the author growing up the neighbors in Oakland, CA. The neighbors, the Washingtons, consist of two young boys and their grandmother, Ms. Eula. The author experiences Sunday dinner and other day to day experiences with the boys. In one incident, Patricia and the boys are accused of throwing eggs at a shop owner’s door. Ms. Eula is heartbroken.
I enjoyed this book. I plan to read it to my daughter before returning it. I would recommend this book to others because of how it shows that even young children can do nice things to prove otherwise. Good things can occur to others of different cultures.
In the classroom, I would have the students write about an experience that occurred in which they were misjudged and how they dealt with the situation. What could they have done to change the other’s mind to make them change their mind about the situation?
Another classroom activity, I would have the students write how they spend their Sundays. Is there a special dinner time? A special event? Or special dedication to someone? Include details about when it occurs, where, and how often.
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LibraryThing member LacyPalmer
This story is about Miss Eula who would always stop and look at the pretty hats in the window but would always sigh and just keep walking. The kids were determined to buy her a hat. At the end of the story, they don't end even having to buy Miss Eula a hat.
LibraryThing member smendel18
This is a great book about family and frienship. The relationships in this story are inspiring and motivating. This is a great book that can be used to show how kindness is key. Doing nice things for others is one of the greatest gifst anyone can give themselves. Great Book! I would use this with middle to upper grades.
LibraryThing member MaggieLizz
In this book, there is a older lady and a few young children. Everyday as they walk to church, they always walk by a store where there is a gorgeous hat that the older lady wants but can't afford. So the children try to find ways of getting the hat and in the end they finally got the hat.
My reaction to this book was heart felt. I love books that have meaning to them and there is a character in the book with a purpose.
A good extension for this would be having the students get into little groups and tell each other a little story about one thing they have done in their life to help someone else out in their life. This will help the students will story telling and also open them up to other students in the classroom.
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LibraryThing member msalissa
This book is a lot of fun for students to read (especially around Easter). An extensive vocabulary lesson works really well with this book. I thought that the children might have been a little young to completely understand the book, book it was still a success.
LibraryThing member leighanderson
Chicken Sunday is a book for older children. It is true story and a has extensive vocabulary so it would be better for older children.
LibraryThing member ktholt
More appropriate for older children. If reading to younger children, leave out the last couple of pages because of the death of the grandmother; this may be upsetting for younger children. Great for discussing traditions.
LibraryThing member stevekep32
Awesome book about a black family. Kids save money to get their mom an Easter hat. Russian shop owner. There is some russian and black cultures learning about each other, and working to help others.
LibraryThing member marisa_9087
This book is about two young boys and there grandmother who invite patricia, the narrator, to church and to there fried chicken dinner afterwards. Eula Mae whom is the grandmother helps the children in many ways throughout this story to learn how to be respectful and treat people the correct way. Very thankful the children get Ms. Eula a new sunday hat.

This book was great seeing since it was based on the author's own life experince and the fact that it is based apon being good to other people. Both these aspects are wonderful to have in a book that you read to the children.

In the classroom I would have the children to be creative and construct a sunday hat.
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LibraryThing member rebecca401
In order to buy the hat Miss Eula so admires, Trisha and her friends Steward and Winston must earn some money. They are hesitant to ask Mr. Kodinsky for the opportunity to do odd jobs, but even when they summon the courage, he accuses them of throwing eggs at his shop! How can they use beautiful eggs to convince him that they didn't throw the eggs? And how will they be able to buy Miss Eula's hat before Easter Sunday?… (more)


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