Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus!

by Atinuke

Paperback, 1829





Walker Books Ltd (1829)


From the stellar team of Atinuke and Lauren Tobia comes the third Anna Hibiscus picture book title brimming with all the best-loved Hibiscus family members - and Anna's two brand new baby brothers! Everything is changing for Anna Hibiscus, she's a sister! But - oh dear - everyone is now so busy! Uncle Bizi-Sunday is shopping for the babies, Aunty Joli and Aunty Grace are rocking the babies and Mama and Grandma are fast asleep ...but just who has time for Anna Hibiscus? I hate Double Trouble! shouts Anna. But Anna Hibiscus is amazing so it won't be long before everyone finds time for her again! A story which perfectly captures the anxiety and thrill of having a new sibling, this is a great title for any family with a new baby, or a baby on the way!… (more)

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
When Anna Hibiscus' twin brothers are born, the little girl isn't sure what to make of it. As one after another, all of the relatives with whom she lives seem to busy for her, she begins to become upset, dubbing the infant boys "Double Trouble." Her father finds her crying, and comforts her, explaining that she must share her family with these tiny newcomers. Fortunately, it turns out that there is enough attention and love to go around...

For any reader who has enjoyed expatriate Nigerian author Atinuke and English illustrator Lauren Tobia's eight chapter-books about the adventures of the eponymous Anna Hibiscus in "amazing Africa," and wondered how her twin brothers got their nickname, this heartwarming picture-book provides the answer! A lovely new sibling story, Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus is an engaging addition to the body of tales about this feisty, friendly and ultimately loving little girl and her close-knit family.
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