Notes on the Psalms

by G. Campbell Morgan

Hardcover, 1957







Here is a book about the Psalms which are the devotional center of the Bible, adored by not only the people of Israel but by New Testament believers generally. The Psalms are grouped into five books, each of which has a central theme. These divisions are preceded by an outline and analysis of the Psalms as to content and purpose. While each of the Psalms are analyzed in turn, they are also examined as they relate to their grouping. It is this synthetic approach which will make it particularly valuable to all students of the Bible. To facilitate the study of the Psalms, the complete text of each Psalm has been printed preceding its own analysis. Dr. Morgan has long been recognized as one of the great Bible expositors of modern times, and this book deserves a worthy place alongside his other works.… (more)


Revell (1957), Edition: HARDBOUND, 287 pages
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