Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions

by Mark Driscoll

Hardcover, 2009







Inspired by 1 Corinthians, in which Paul answers a series of questions posed by people in the Corinthian church, Driscoll set out to determine the most controversial questions among visitors to the Mars Hill Church's web site, and answers the top nine questions.

Media reviews

My very first out of the box impression of Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions is the book reminds me of a elementary reading book I would have had in school. The hard back cover is textured and the cover graphics look like a book I read many years ago. When I opened the book I noticed he dedicated this book to all the people who listen to his sermons on the Internet. Wow that is me! I credit Mark Driscoll for getting my behind back into church. Even though we live on opposite ends of the United States, when my church was turned upside down a few years ago it was Mark Driscoll’s sermons via the Internet that kept me plugged into God’s word. Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions is taken from Mark Driscoll’s sermon series “Religion Saves.” Mark Driscoll conducted a survey where people could ask any question via the church’s Web site and then have them vote on what questions they would like to see answered. Thousands of people voted and Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions is Mark Driscoll’s response to those top nine questions. Three questions deal with sex and dating, two questions cover the emerging church, then there is one question about Calvinists and Armenians, one covers the differences between Protestants and Catholics, and lastly the difference between old school and new school Calvinists. I think you will find this book different than any of Mark Driscoll’s other books. Sure you may find points you will disagree with and Discoll is outspoken and frank. That is a trait I love about his preaching and about this book. I was one of the listeners that followed his sermon series “Religion Saves” but reading it in print helped me understand the answers even better. He does not just answer the question; his answers are well thought out, well researched and based on biblical principals. The first question of the book tackles the subject of birth control and he gives a well thought out answer that spans 28 pages. This book may answer some questions you have always had but were to afraid to ask.


Crossway (2009), 288 pages
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