The Overcomers: Stories of Love and Strength

by Richard Wurmbrand

Paperback, 2006







You won't find perfect saints in this book, but those just like you in many ways. These are true stories of ordinary people-sometimes sinful, sometimes saintly, often frightened, yet displaying great courage-some who failed, many who overcame in the face of surrender. No one is more qualified to tell these heart-touching, faith-challenging stories than Richard Wurmbrand. Pastor Wurmbrand was imprisoned for fourteen years in Romania for his faith; his wife was imprisoned for three years. "I have personally known dyingmen who gave the medicine that could have saved their lives for another sick prisoner. I have seen men who were terribly hungry give their last piece of bread to another. I have seen the joy on their faces. I have heard them singing, their faces shining like the sun" As you read The Overcomers, you will see the love and strength of Jesus Christ Himself through the lives of the ordinary people in these simple stories. Looking at what Christ made possible for them you will see that He can make all things possible for you as well. You will want to love and serve the Lord with a greater passion as you experience a depth of love and commitment rarely found in the Free World. Book jacket.… (more)


Bridge-Logos Publishers (2006), 324 pages
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