The Anabaptist Story

by William R. Estep

Paperback, 1995







"The decisive break ... made with Zwingli and other Reformers was not a step the Anabaptists took lightly, for in the 1500s heresy was tantamount to treason. The going price for challenging vested interests was high, and the list of Anabaptists who paid it is a long one. Some were burned at the stake; some were drowned; some were beheaded. Many others lived out their lives in squalid prisons. All learned the meaning of insecurity and fear. Yet the movement was not to be put down. Completely updated to take account of the burgeoning research in Anabaptism in the dozen years since this book's first appearance, here is a vivid and popular chronicle of the rise and spread and teachings and heritage of a vigorous and important stream in Christian thought, one to which we owe the notion of religious liberty that prevails today"--Provided by publisher.… (more)


Eerdmans (1995), Edition: 3rd Revised, Enlarged ed., 332 pages
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