Understanding Your Man in the Mirror

by Patrick Morley

Paperback, 2003







"Why is he like that?"If you've ever asked yourself, Who is this man I've married? What motivates him? Why isn't he more responsive to my needs? then Understanding Your Man in the Mirror will shed light on the things that perplex you most in your marriage. In the vulnerable style that has become his trademark, Patrick Morley does for you what he did for your mate in the best-selling, award-winning The Man in the Mirror. He opens a window into the things that make your husband tick--insights that will have you saying, "Now I understand!"A pioneer in the Christian men's movement, Morley draws on extensive research and on his own vast experience of working with men to help you* learn about the forces that have shaped your husband.* understand the powerful need for significance that drives him.* find out about his struggles with work, success, money, time, and temptation.* discover what your husband needs most from you.* learn practical guidelines for resolving conflict and creating the kind of communication you've both wanted.… (more)


Zondervan (2003), 256 pages
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