Men of Destiny

by Peter Masters

Paperback, 1989







For over 35 years this volume of Christian biography has been well-loved by readers. Here are the lives and conversion experiences of 14 famous, unusual or notorious people, including royals and reformers. Given to the unconverted, these biographies challenge the heart and open the way to further spiritual influence. For the preacher, youth leader or Sunday School teacher, they provide outstanding testimonies to illustrate and enrich messages. They include: Tsar Alexander - Who defeated Napoleon Lieut ?Birdie? Bowers - Scott's ?bravest man? in the Antarctic Sir James Simpson - The discoverer of chloroform Alves Reis - The counterfeiter who nearly owned his country John Newton - The transformed slave-trader Jean Henri Dunant - Founder of the Red Cross Martin Luther - The ex-monk who led the Reformation Bilney, Tyndale & Latimer - Three heroic English martyrs Alfred the Great - The king who organised England Lieut-General Sir William Dobbie - World War II Hero of Malta… (more)


Wakeman Trust (1989), Edition: 4th, 172 pages
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