George Muller of Bristol: His Life of Prayer and Faith

by A. T. Pierson

Paperback, 1999







"George Muller of Bristol" is the ultimate George Muller biography, wirtten by a man who knew him, and the one approved by Mr. Muller's own son-in-law. Though A.T. Pierson's book contains many amazing accounts of how God provided for George Muller and his ministry, more than anything the book is a powerful narrative of how God responds to faith and prayer. Muller's life goal was to show that God is a living God who hears and answers prayer, and God richly blessed this life of faith. The refreshing thing about this biography is that you learn just as much about the God Muller served as you do about Muller himself....(Taken from book cover.)


Kregel Classics (1999), Edition: 2nd, 384 pages
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