The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin

by John Piper

Hardcover, 2000







Augustine. Luther. Calvin. We read their books, their commentaries, their sermons, and we admire them for their greatness. We think of them as nearly perfect giants of the faith--locked peacefully inside their studies, relentlessly writing, rarely disturbed--who enjoyed a mystical union with God that they alone could know. But John Piper records the truth: Their experience of God's majesty and grace in their weaknesses--and in the face of countless injustices and adversities--made all the difference. It led Augustine to abandon trifling, worldly joys, Luther to study the Word continuously, and Calvin not only to unwearied biblical preaching, but also to proclaim, " I should rather die a hundred times than subject Christ to... foul mockery." And it can have the same effect in your life. If ever you are complacent about sin, if ever you lose the joy of Christ, if ever you are dulled by the world's influence, the lives of these men can help you recapture the wonder of God. And so John Piper takes you to the time of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin, inviting you to look at their imperfections, read of their transformations, and behold the reflection of God in their lives so that a greater passion for God's glory may be inspired in your own.… (more)


Crossway Books (2000), Edition: 1St Edition, 158 pages
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