Home for Christmas

by Colleen Coble

Paperback, 2001







One distant, shared memory binds four siblings, separated early in life and reared in different families. This year, a new memory could begin for them as one determined friend, a short Internet message, and God's miraculous timing bring them Home for Christmas. When she was eight, Eden Walter's family was divided by death and social services. In her adulthood, with little hope of finding her three siblings, Eden turns her Heart Full of Love toward fostering neglected children. When her special relationship with one child is threatened by the toddler's uncle, where will Eden find her strength and hope? Crista McDaniel has lived with a sense of inferiority, believing her parents abandoned her. Organized and efficient, she teaches a college course - where one particular student challenges her to break free from her routine and schedule. Will she let her heart Ride the Clouds like the balloons that have always thrilled her? Don't Look Back is Angelina Collier's motto as she struggles to raise her two children alone. When she finds the ideal nanny, she is determined to keep her, despite the objections of the girl's father. Can Angelina learn to lean on her friends - and her Lord - and accept that God has miracles in store for her? In To Keep Me Warm, Tim Richmond is also alone with a son to raise. Dealing with the boy's handicap has been less intimidating than facing the emotional turmoil of dating. When he finally meets the "perfect" young woman, he doubts that an orphaned factory worker like himself can ever meet her needs. Who can convince him otherwise? See how faith, love, and romance combine to bring Eden, Crista, Angelina, and Tim together again- to begin a whole new collection of special memories.… (more)


Barbour Publishing, Inc (2001), 348 pages
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