The Gospel of Matthew: Volume 1: The King and His Kingdom, Matthew 1-17 (Expositional Commentary)

by James Montgomery Boice

Hardcover, 2001







The Gospel of Matthew, said James Montgomery Boice, is the first of the gospels, the longest, the most Jewish, the most evangelistic, and, in many ways, the most compelling. To some people, now as well as then, Matthew is the most important book ever written. This two-volume expositional commentary on one of the Bibleu2019s most powerful books integrates rigorous scholarship and clear communication. Boice not only explains the meaning of the text verse by verse and section by section, he relates the textu2019s concerns to the world in which we live, the life of the church, and the realities of the Christian life.Based on messages preached at Philadelphiau2019s world-renowned Tenth Presbyterian Church, The Gospel of Matthew displays Dr. Boiceu2019s hallmark blend of thoughtful interpretation and contemporary insight for daily living. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, from serious Bible students to interested laypersons.… (more)


Baker Books (2001), 368 pages
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