Solid Ground: The Inerrant Word of God in an Errant World (Best of Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology) (Best of Pcrt)

by Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer (Editor)

Other authorsGabriel N. Fluhrer (Editor)
Paperback, 2012







Not just a book, but the Bookùthe written Word of God, the only infallible rule of truth and practice for our lives. Sadly, that distinction is necessary, because there are many who question whether the Bible deserves to be called the Book, or whether it is just a bookùa very special book, to be sure, but not the Book that perfectly illumines all things. And the more they chip away at the full confidence that believers must have in the trustworthiness of Scripture, the more they rob its Author of the glory that his Word displays and demands. What's worse is that more and more of these attacks are coming from those who claim to be believers themselves. Here the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology explores the Author's glory by unfolding the richness and perfection of the Bible. In essays collected from the best addresses on the subject, eight of the top pastor-scholars of the past thirty years share their insight and answers on: On Knowing God: The World and the Word The Sufficient Word of God The Truth of God Scripture Alone God's Mighty Word The Word in the Church The Accessible Word Preaching: The Means of Revival Together they issue a clarion call for the church to return to its central, longstanding, and vital conviction that the Bible is the Bookùthe inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God. Book jacket.… (more)


P & R Publishing (2012), 176 pages
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