The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way

by Michael Horton

Hardcover, 2011







Michael Horton's highly anticipated The Christian Faith represents his magnum opus and will be viewed as one of -- if not the -- most important systematic theologies since Louis Berkhof wrote his in 1932. A prolific, award-winning author and theologian, Professor Horton views this volume as "doctrine that can be preached, experienced, and lived, as well as understood, clarified, and articulated." It is written for a growing cast of pilgrims making their way together and will be especially welcomed by professors, pastors, students, and armchair theologians. Features of this volume include: (1) a brief synopsis of biblical passages that inform a particular doctrine; (2) surveys of past and current theologies with contemporary emphasis on exegetical, philosophical, practical, and theological questions; (3) substantial interaction with various Christian movements within the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodoxy traditions, as well as the hermeneutical issues raised by postmodernity; and (4) charts, sidebars, questions for discussion, and an extensive bibliography, divided into different entry levels and topics. - Publisher.… (more)

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In spite of these problems The Christian Faith could be useful for the preacher or theology student when read alongside other such works. It offers the opportunity to think critically through philosophical, exegetical, and practical questions. However, the book does not seem appropriate for armchair theologians. Horton shines in the areas that one would expect from a Reformed theologian, namely, his presentation of divine providence (chap. 11), the characteristics of the church (chaps. 24-25), and his overall apologetic for Reformed theology. However, while some readers will find nuggets of truth and instruction in the book, the academic language and the sheer size of the work puts it beyond reach of much of its intended audience.


Zondervan (2011), Edition: 1.2.2011, 1056 pages
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