The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas a Kempis

Other authorsJoseph N. Tylenda (Translator), Sally Cunneen (Preface)
Paperback, 1998







First published anonymously in 1418, Thomas a Kempis's The Imitation of Christ is a classic Christian devotional work that has been read through the ages by such notable figures as Sir Thomas More, John Wesley, and Pope John Paul I. A meditation on spiritual life, it offers instructions for renouncing worldly vanity and discovering eternal truths with the goal of living out the teachings of Jesus by taking inspiration from his life. More widely read and more influential than any spiritual work except the Bible, The Imitation of Christ has offered guidance and solace to people of all faiths since its publication and retains its power today. This edition is the translation by the Reverend William Benham.


Vintage (1998), Edition: Rev Sub, 242 pages
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