God, Adam, and You: Biblical Creation Defended and Applied

by Richard D. Phillips (Editor)

Other authorsRichard D. Phillips (Editor)
Paperback, 2015







The answer, to many Christians today, is "not much." Adam, we are told, is a mythological figure who can safely be abandoned without compromising the authority and infallibility of Scripture. After all, is holding on to a historical Adam more important than downplaying Genesis 1-3 enough to mediate the gospel to our secular culture? The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology joins with historic Christianity in saying that yes, it is. Adam is not only necessary to our Christian faith and witness, but he makes a world of difference to our understanding of God, mankind, the Bible-and even the gospel itself. The following contributors examine what the truth of Adam means about the truth of Scripture as a whole, how he shows us what it means to bear God's image, and what an understanding of Adam teaches us about Christ. Learn what difference the historical Adam makes to us today, as followers of the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ. Book jacket.… (more)


P & R Publishing (2015), 224 pages
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