A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines: 12 Habits to Strengthen Your Walk With Christ (DVD Curriculum)

by Patrick Morley

Hardcover, 1900







Spiritual disciplines are to the believer what medical school is to the doctor. "A man came up to me at a conference where I was speaking and said, 'Pat, do me a favor. Tell me how to be good. I already know how bad I am.'" That statement captures the intent of this book and the purpose of the spiritual disciplines. Spiritual strength, like surgical skill or athletic excellence, requires training and practice. To become the kind of man who walks with God and wields Christ's influence in your world, you'll want to begin a consistent regimen of spiritual exercises. In A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines, Patrick Morley highlights twelve habits that will strengthen your walk with Christ, including: Experiencing God in creation Letting the Bible change your life Learning the power of prayer Grasping God's greatness through worship Gaining strength through Sabbath Thriving because of fellowship Succeeding through wise counsel By presenting each discipline with a concise overview, several examples, and application ideas to get you going, this powerful guidebook will help you develop the maturity every man of God was designed to reflect.… (more)


Moody Publishers (1900), Edition: New Edition
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