Carrie Smiley Fortune Research Library

Located upstairs at the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center, 94 Drs James Parker Blvd, Red Bank

A small but powerful library to EDUCATE the public about the impact of
T. Thomas Fortune and others who paved the way for a better America

T. Thomas Fortune Foundation/Cultural Center one of only two
NJ National Historic landmarks dedicated to an African American .

Come learn about the unsung heroes of history and so much more

We invite you to visit our library for your schooling and leisurely needs.

Educational Activities for All Ages

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Anthologies-- Art-Music-- Autobiographies-Biographies--
-- Childrens--- Education-- Fiction-- Genealogy-Census-- History-- Monmouth County-NJ-- Non-Fiction-- Plays-Poetry-- T. Thomas Fortune--

Research Materials on TTF are also Available 

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Open Saturdays & Sundays 1pm-5pm, 732-383-5483,

Lynn Humphrey, Librarian, Researcher, Archivist

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