Lesbians over 60 speak for themselves

by Monika Kehoe

Paper Book, 1989

Local notes

Simultaneously issued by the Haworth Press, Inc. under the same title, as a special issue of 'Journal of Homosexuality', Volume 16, Numbers 3/4 1988, John De Cecco, Editor.


This pioneering effort is the first attempt to reach a nationwide representation of lesbian elders in order to understand this deeply hidden segment of our population. The women in Lesbians Over 60 Speak for Themselves candidly describe their necessarily secret lives in a hostile society--how they feel about being "different," how they cope with the homophobia that surrounds them, their most pressing problems, how aging has affected them, as well as the most intriguing topic: their sexual behavior--as it was in their youth and as it is now. This powerful book provides fascinating demographics about this previously neglected group of women and thoroughly explores their intimate thoughts and feelings about aging and lesbianism.


New York : Harrington Park Press, c1989.

Call number

302 KEH

Physical description

111 p.; 22 cm
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