A history of their own: women in Europe from prehistory to the present vol. 1

by Bonnie S. Anderson

Other authorsJudith P. Zinsser (Author)
Paperback, 1989

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Volume one of two books.


Women's history from prehistoric times to the present, focusing on the developments, achievements, and changes in women's roles in society, organized within a loose chronology with chapters focusing on women's place and function in society. Topics include the roles of female monarchs and women of the court, the application of the new tools of the Scientific Revolution to prove traditional views of women, the salons and parlors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and wealthy women's contributions to the arts and social services, the impact of city-living and the Industrial Revolution on women's roles and family life, and the emergence, evolution, and impact of the modern feminist movement.


Penguin, London (1989), 596 pages

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