Natural women, cultured men: a feminist perspective on sociological theory

by Rosalind A. Sydie

Paperback, 1994


This book examines the work of the classical social theorists -- Durkheim, Weber, Marx, Engels and Freud -- from a feminist perspective. The focus is on the theoretical approach adopted by each theorist in his examination of the nature of human nature and, more specifically, the nature of sex relationships. In general, the dichotomized, hierarchical view of sex relationships common to each of the theorists forms the framework for the discussions and critiques. More recent critical commentaries by feminists are included, as well as a brief exegesis on sociobiology as representative of many of the views found in the work of the five sociological 'fathers'. The concluding remarks consider suggestions for the direction of a feminist social theory.… (more)


Methuen Publications, Canada, (1994), Edition: 1st, 268 pages.


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