Homosexuality and the family

by Frederick W Bozett (Editor)

Paperback, 1989


Disproving the notion that homosexuals are antifamily, this enlightening book details the variety of family forms in which gays and lesbians live and explores the effects of homosexuality on individuals in families and on the family as a whole. Little in the professional literature addresses the combined topics of homosexuality and the family, so practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students in various disciplines--counseling, gay studies, sociology, human sexuality, psychology, social work, law, and medicine--will discover a wealth of unique and useful material here. Arranged in a life history sequence that moves from adolescence to adulthood, this informative volume documents the responses of parents of gay children, wives of gay men, children of lesbian mothers, and gay fathers about their family lives.… (more)


Harrington Park Press, Haworth Press, New York, New York (1989), 204 pages

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