Sisters of the road

by Barbara Wilson

Paperback, 1986


When a teenage runaway is murdered and her best friend goes missing, Pam Nilsen must dig into the seedy underbellies of Seattle and Portland to discover the truth Pam Nilsen, co-owner of Seattle collective Best Printing, is still recovering from the heartbreak of her first real girlfriend leaving town when she decides to take two young prostitutes under her wing. The girls, age fourteen, are already coarsened by the worlds of sex, drugs, and crime. When one turns up dead and the other, Trish, is nowhere to be found, Pam hits the streets to find her. Trish, a possible witness to murder, is in danger, but for a runaway child of the night, help is in short supply. Pam is Trish's only hope--not just for her immediate survival, but for escaping the streets before they can devour her. Sisters of the Road is the second book in the Pam Nilsen Mystery trilogy, which begins with Murder in the Collective and concludes with The Dog Collar Murders.… (more)


The Seal Press, Seattle, Washington (1986), 202 pages.

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