Women's rights, human rights: international feminist perspectives

by Julie Peters (Editor)

Other authorsAndrea Wolper (Editor)
Paperback, 1995

Local notes

Contributors include Charlotte Bunch.
Includes a chapter on "Discrimination and the tolerance of difference: International lesbian human rights" by Julie Dorf and Gloria Careaga PĂ©rez.
Editor Julie Peters is Julie Stone Peters, not to be confused with lesbian writer of YA fiction Julie Peters (Julie Anne Peters).


This comprehensive and important volume includes contributions by activists, journalists, lawyers and scholars from twenty-one countries. The essays map the directions the movement for women's rights is taking--and will take in the coming decades--and the concomittant transformation of prevailing notions of rights and issues. They address topics such as the rapes in former Yugoslavia and efforts to see that a War Crimes Tribunal responds; domestic violence; trafficking of women into the sex trade; the persecution of lesbians; female genital mutilation; and reproductive rights.


Routledge, New York and London (1995), 384 pages

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