Homosexuality: power and politics

by Gay Left Collective (Editor)

Paperback, 1980

Local notes

The editing collective is all male. Women contributors include Sue Cartledge, Margaret Coulson, Alison Hennegan, Amber Hollibaugh, Margaret Jackson, Pat Mahony.


A socialist journal edited by gay men in the 1970s After the leading organizations of radical sexual politics - the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Marxist Group - imploded or dissolved, the Gay Left Collective formed a research group to make sense of the changing terrain of sexuality and politics writ large. Its goal was to formulate a rigorous Marxist analysis of sexual oppression, while linking together the struggle against homophobia with a wider array of struggles, all under the banner of socialism. This anthology combines the very best of their work, exploring masculinity and workplace organizing, counterculture and disco, the survivals of victorian morality and the onset of the HIV/AIDS crisis.


Allison And Busby, London, UK (1980), 224 pages

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306 GAY


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224 p.
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