Sisterhood is global: the international women's movement anthology

by Robin Morgan (Editor)

Paperback, 1985


Sisterhood Is Global has been revered as the essential feminist text on the international women's movement since its first appearance, when it was hailed as "a historic publishing event." The anthology features original essays Morgan commissioned from a deliberately eclectic mix of women both famous and less known-grass-roots activisits, politicians, scholars, querillas, novelists, social scientists, and journalists-representing seventy countries, from every region and political system, with particular emphasis on the Global South. These truth-telling, impassioned essays celebrate the diversity as well as the similarity of women's experience; they also reveal shared female rage, vision, and pragmatic strategies for worldwide feminist solidarity and political transformation.… (more)


Penguin Books Ltd, Middlesex (1985), 856 pages

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305.4 MOR


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856 p.
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