In search of our mothers' gardens: womanist prose

by Alice Walker

Paperback, 1984


Sociology. Women's Studies. Nonfiction. HTML:A collection of early personal and political essays from the Pulitzer Prize´┐Ż??winning author of The Color Purple. What is a womanist? Alice Walker sets out to define the concept in this anthology of early essays and other nonfiction pieces. As she outlines it, a womanist is a person who prefers to side with the oppressed: with women, with people of color, with the poor. As a writer, Walker has always taken such people as her primary subjects, and her search for paths toward self-possession and freedom always holds out hope for the transformative power of compassion and love. Whether she's taking on nuclear proliferation, the promise and problems of the civil rights movement, or her own creative process, Walker always brings to bear a fearless determination to tell the truth. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Alice Walker including rare photos from the author's personal collection.… (more)


The Women's Press, London (1984; first published 1983 in US), 397 pages

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