Finding H.F.: A Novel

by Julia Watts

Paperback, 2001


Abandoned by her mother and raised by her loving but religiously zealous grandmother, 16-year-old Heavenly Faith Simms (H.F. for short) has never felt like she belonged anywhere. When she finds her mother's address in a drawer, she and her best friend, Bo, an emotionally repressed gay boy, hit the road in Bo's scrap heap of a car and head south. Their journey through the heart of the American South awakens both teens to the realization that there is a life waiting for them that is very different from what they have known and that the concept of family is more far-reaching than they had ever imagined.


Lambda Literary Award (Winner — Children's/Young Adult — 2001)


Alyson Books, USA (2001), Edition: 1st, 168 pages


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