The spiral dance: a rebirth of the ancient religion of the great goddess - rituals, invocations, exercises, magic

by Starhawk

Paper Book, 1979

Local notes

Starhawk was born as Miriam Simos


The twentieth anniversary edition of The Spiral Dance celebrates the pivotal role the book has had in bringing Goddess worship to the religious forefront. This bestselling classic is both an unparalleled reference on the practices and philosophies of Witchcraft and a guide to the life-affirming ways in which readers can turn to the Goddess to deepen their sense of personal pride, develop their inner power, and integrate mind, body, and spirit. Starhawk's brilliant, comprehensive overview of the growth, suppression, and modern-day re-emergence of Wicca as a Goddess-worshipping religion has left an indelible mark on the feminist spiritual consciousness. In a new introduction, Starhawk reveals the ways in which Goddess religion and the practice of ritual have adapted and developed over the last twenty years, and she reflects on the ways in which these changes have influenced and enhanced her original ideas. In the face of an ever-changing world, this invaluable spiritual guidebook is more relevant than ever.… (more)


Harper & Row, San Francisco, USA (1979)


Media reviews

Kirkus Review
Lucid, appealing... a broad philosophy of harmony with nature, of human concord, sexual liberation, creativity, and health pleasure, as expressed and celebrating in a freewheeling worship of the universe.
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The New York Times Book Review
A very beautiful call for a worldly spirituality

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vi, 218 p.
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