Atanarjuat : the fast runner : inspired by a traditional Inuit legend of Igloolik [video recording]

by Paul Apak Angilirq

DVD (adult), 2002


Toronto, Canada : Odean Films, Igloolik Isuma Productions, 2000, 2002. Two discs, 172 min.

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1552451135 / 9781552451137

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DISC INFO: 2-disc, 172 min feature film in Inuktitut with English/French subtitles. Other films in this series: the traditional tale Before Tommorrow and based on historical events recorded by Danish explorer Knud Rassmussen during a 1922 Arctic expedition Journals of Knud Rassmussen.

REVIEW: For those who like off-beat, foreign, or mythic films this is terrific, as is the whole trilogy. Joel often quotes the shaman Aua from Roshi Joan Halifax's book Shamanic Voices and some of those quotes appear in the film Journals of Knud Rassmussen. -- Jennifer… (more)

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240 p.; 28 cm


A small nomadic community is cursed by an unknown shaman. When Atanarjuat falls in love with a woman already promised to the son of the clan's leader, he has to fight for her. She is won by Atanarjuat and the leader plots to attack him in his sleep. Escaping, he sets off running across the ice, embarking on a harrowing adventure of survival in the brutal wilderness. He returns stronger and wiser to reclaim his life and stop the curse that has divided his people.

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