Quilting Curves : An Innovative Technique for Machine-Piecing Curves with Incredible Ease

by Vikki Pignatelli

Paperback, 2001



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McGraw-Hill (2001), Edition: 1, 160 pages


Award-winning quiltmaker Vikki Pignatelli introduces a revolutionary method of quiltmaking that takes the time, trouble, and frustration out of making a perfect quilt. Her easy techniques in "Quilting Curves" ensure that your designs come together quickly, with beautiful, graceful results--even for beginners. Ideal for machine quilters, Pignatelli shows you how to make wonderful, flowing curves and perfect star points without the tricky needle turn or precise piecing techniques that traditional quiltmaking involves. She demonstrates how to use a variation on her method for creating three-dimensional effects. A chapter on creativity provides you with the tools to start creating quilts of your own design. Fast, fun, and easy quilt tops that would take weeks to piece using conventional methods come together in hours Trouble-free quilts appear to be intricately pieced but are easy to topstitch by machine Eight complete patterns help you master the technique before moving on to create quilts of your own design "… (more)


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160 p.; 10.9 inches


0844242497 / 9780844242491

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