Quilts from the Civil War: Nine Projects, Historic Notes, Diary Entries

by Barbara Brackman

Paperback, 2009



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C&T Publishing (2009), 130 pages


Discover the history of Civil War era quilting and learn how to create your own period-inspired quilt. Quilts and their makers are an integral part of the story about this incredible period of American history. Barbara Brackman offers a rarely discussed perspective from half of those who lived through it--the women of the North and the South. Included are complete instructions for nine projects, which are adapted from historical quilts and convey an authentic feel. Definitely modern quilt-making techniques will inspire both faithful reproductions and contemporary adaptations of Civil War era quilts. The book includes tips for using today's reproduction fabrics and suggestions for achieving a period look. Fascinating photos and excerpts from diaries and letters capture the patriotism and frustration of courageous women on both sides of the conflict. "Excellent! The convergence of powerful and poignant scholarship with related quilt patterns is absolutely marvelous. An excellent resource for history buffs, feminist studies, as well as quilters."--Carolyn L. Mazloomi, Founder/Coordinator, The Women of Color Quilter's Network "A fresh and entertaining look at the history of quilt making during the mid-19th century with a meticulous investigation of the textiles utilized. Barbara's use of primary sources, such as diaries, newspapers, and magazines from this era, enables us to better understand the conditions surrounding the women of this period."--Sheila Morris Greene, Curator of Costumes and Textiles, Tennessee State Museum… (more)

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